Suite de software de desarrollo para aplicaciones multiplataformas    Suite de software de desarrollo para aplicaciones multiplataformas
Como usted sabe, WINDEV, WEBDEV y WINDEV Mobile son entornos compatibles que comparten los elementos de un proyecto. Nunca antes había sido tan fácil construir aplicaciones multi-objetivos.
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Native MySQL Access - November 15, 2005

This native access can be released free of charge with your applications that use MySQL 4.1.1-alpha or previous versions.

This native access allows you to use the HRead*, SQL,... functions

To use this native access, WINDEV 9 Ref. 01-90033 or later must be installed.

How do I install this module?
1. Download the module below in a directory (select 'Save on disk')
2. Once this module has been downloaded, run the program present in the download directory.
Caution: WINDEV must not be running on your workstation during setup.
3. A help file for the Native MySQL Access (wdmysql.chm) is automatically installed "\help" subdirectory.

WD90PACKUSMYSQL28Du.exe   286 Kb

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